1. Sale Agreement. If you haven’t already, sign and send the sale agreement to dan@lamplighterdesigns.com.

2. Content Collection. Submit all of the following in the shared project folder.

*Please note: We cannot start your website without all the content. With that, all content should be submitted within one week from the day you send us your sale agreement. Late content submissions incur a fee of $150 per week it is late. Notify us in advance if you anticipate any problems.

Logos & Images

Submit your logo as a PDF, or hi-res JPEG and PNG, if possible. All images and photos should be updated as hi-res JPEGs and PNGs.


Submit webpage content, new verbiage, and any other copy via the “Content” doc.

Look & Style

Email us links to three of your favorite websites, and be sure to tell us what you love about them.

3. Design Process. Designing a website is a creative, intricate process. Here’s how we approach it:

Layout & Design

We layout your website, menus, images, and all other design elements.

Edit Requests

We send you a draft of your website along with an Edit Request sheet. You and your team request any and all edits within five days.

Go Time

We will organize DNS records, MX and TXT records, and whatever else you’ll need on the backend. Then, it’s launch time!